Monday, August 1, 2016

And Dyeing, and Spinning, and Embroidering

I may have to rename this blog because I'm not just knitting now. For example, I just returned from Sievers school of fiber arts on Washington Island at the tip of Door County, WI. I took a class titled "Color for Spinning."

Here are a few things I've done since my last post.

Three of twenty size one hand-dyed sweaters made for a
charity auction to support the Diocese of Renk in South Sudan
 sponsored by my cousin, Jackie's Church in Barrington, IL

More later, it is getting late and tomorrow is "Holy Tuesday." That is, it is "open knit" day at my LYS, and my family and friends know the day is sacred, no other plans can be made for my time.

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  1. You're back and you do beautiful work. Keep it up!