Saturday, October 13, 2012

Candy Corn, love it or hate it?

I like candy corn, but I realize this is not a universal taste. I limit myself to one bag a year. Purchased around Halloween, and rationed to no more than 10 pieces at a time, it still doesn’t last long enough. And this year I made a big mistake. I bought a bag on the way to my Tuesday “open knitting” session. I wanted to buy the right yellow yarn for a Candy Corn hat I was going to make. I opened the bag to share with my “peeps” and decided to leave most of the bag behind so I wouldn’t be tempted to finish it off on the drive home. To my delight, there was some left the next Tuesday. It is all gone now.

I’m pleased with the way the hat turned out. A number of my knitting friends asked for the pattern so I was glad to share it. There are going to be a lot of grandkids walking around with candy on their heads. There is a free pattern for you, too. You’ll find it under PAGES in the right margin. It is sized for a child.

My daughter-in-law, Gay and I had a great time together yesterday visiting a couple of fiber shops. At Knitty Gritty we both found some roving to dye and spin. She selected two tones of gray Romney, while I came away with 200 grams of white Shetland. We had a very pleasant visit with Dan, and met Cindy as we were leaving. Check out the Wrucke’s site at We spotted the sign for Sheeping Beauty Fibre Arts as we were driving home and made a u-turn to visit with owner, Luci Williams. She shared her enthusiasm for all things fiber, especially, teaching the growing, processing, spinning, and weaving of flax into linen. Her site is She is also the coordinator of the Wisconsin Spin-In. More on that can be found at www,

I’m home today. It is a lovely rainy fall day. And like most us in this parched country I heartily welcome the rain. I’m going to finish now so I can do what we all love to do on a nice rainy fall day, knit or spin or dye or crochet or read about it.

Enjoy your ration of Candy Corn, and happy stitches.